E&J Fire takes the time to understand what extra precautions are required to ensure the safety of my residents.

It is also reassuring to see their certification online, which includes the required PPi checks to work within my environment.

When we bought the premises we inherited various alarm systems with no instructions. After the first service inspection my staff did not only understand how the system worked and undertake the weekly testing, but can now help investigate, and prevent the cause of many false alarms, which alone has reduced my call out charges compared to my other alarm company by seventy five percent.

The personal contact makes communication easy, I used to use a large corporate company with a different engineer on every call out or service. The personal touch from this company makes my life easier with one line of contact for all my fire safety needs. I never have any complaints about E&J Fire from my staff or residents which seems to be a rarity when using contractors nowadays.

They even contact me to arrange a convent time to undertake the various inspections and training they undertake, instead of the cold calling that I used to get from other companies.

In summery, I would happily recommend E&J Fire to any care homes, to help relieve the burden of fire safety in a friendly, efficient way.