EPC UK, formerly Exchem, has had a long association with E&J Fire.

For more than 10 years E&J have been responsible for the supply and servicing of our fire equipment, and it is a testament to their professionalism, that this has been a seamless service supplying top quality equipment.

More recently we had a need to upgrade our fire detection and warning systems. E&J were asked to quote for the work which again they did in a professional manner. A visit was carried out and all the planning and sequencing of the work was carried out by E&J followed by a competitive quote.

Again the installation was carried out in a very professional manner with little or no disruption to our operations. The equipment installed was top quality, fit for purpose with no post installation snagging.

Although we have the capability to carry out our own Fire Risk Assessments we found that E&J gave us a competitive quote and did an excellent job which allowed us to free up valuable resources.

EPC-UK runs a unique chemical business and is committed to a robust health and safety culture. E&Js commitment to health and safety meshed extremely well with our safety management system making it easy to employ them as a contractor.

I find that all the staff at E&J are friendly, professional, and competent and the excellent tidy approach to their work leads to a confidence in their products and services.

Jon Turner
Safety Manager
EPC UK, Bramble Island