Fire Alarms

E&J Fire Group design, quote, install and then commission fire alarm systems to suit their customers individual requirements. This involves regimentally following the British Standards and making the customer aware of any disturbance that will take place at the time of the installation.


The systems we install start from a small four zone conventional system, then can escalate to large analogue networked systems. These systems are installed within many different environments from small offices to large commercial factories.

After the installation has been completed the customer or the nominated responsible person is fully trained on the daily and weekly inspection and testing on their system, including how to investigate any activations.

Experience has taught us that a customer that has significant training, will inspect their system on a regular bases and has no fear in testing the alarm. This prevents contravening BS 5839 and furthermore, will help stop any long term problems arising by keeping E&J Fire Systems Ltd informed.

Design & Contracting Installation

E&J Fire Systems Ltd will happily design a system for your qualified approved electrical contractor to install. Many companies have their own electrical staff that are highly skilled but reluctant to install fire alarms. We can give basic training and guidance on the correct way to install the cabling, this is not a one off meeting at the beginning, we will hand out a custom laminate guide, with clear to follow instructions and then visit site to check the installation is running smoothly.

Furthermore, contact details are left to ensure any unforeseen problems are hopefully resolved quickly.

It is not our place to tell qualified electricians how to do their job, instead we are here to keep your prices down and help guide electricians on the British Standards.

This can be done in several ways, the most common use of our training, experience and certifications are:-

System Design
+ Supply + Commissioning
+ Install Training
+ Second Fix
Complete Installation
  • After receiving a pdf format plan we will insert British Standard icons.
  • Create a location report with a device list.
  • As in (1) with the addition of supplying all the open protocol equipment.
  • Visiting site at completion to commission the system with the relevant certification.
  • Training the end user on their system.
  • Supplying a maintenance schedule to ensure continuity of end user testing on their system (BS 5839 Requirement).
  • As in (1 & 2) with the addition of basic training of the qualified electricians.
  • Including a laminate sheet highlighting parts of the British Standards.
  •  A second site visit to ensure the work is being completed following the specifications.
  • Phone support to help avoid problems at the installation stage.
  • As in (1 to 3) with the addition of installing the equipment on the cabling installed by others.
  • On analogue systems this includes creating numbered labels for the various alarm devices.
  • Supplying an electronic copy of all notes, plans, reading and software programming.
  • As in (1 to 4) with the addition of supplying and installing the cabling.

Routine Maintenance

When asked to tender for the maintenance of an existing system installed by another contractor, we will visit site and quote using a summarized equipment report. After the tender has been accepted, we contact the customer to schedule an appointment making the client aware of the access required throughout the property and the short noise bursts involved in testing the system correctly

At the end of the first service inspection, the customer will be asked for any previous log books and will then be shown how to test their system with a hands on training session.

When returning to the office, a full location report will be created including any recommendations or faults that were discovered during the inspection. Furthermore, if the system was functioning correctly and did not contravene with the British standards, a certificate will be generated, with a copy electronically archived.

Custom Reports

Many of our larger customers are starting to realise that the larger contractors cannot survey their sites and give detailed reports stating the condition of their emergency lighting and fire alarm systems.

E&J Fire Systems Ltd offer a be-spoke reporting, service inspection and certification schedule, that identifies their immediate faults and future system expense (i.e. emergency lighting batteries). This will allow budget planning and help eliminate future system failures.

With the larger clients who have in-house electrical staff, we train the engineers to undertake the once a year the smaller inspection, then E&J Fire Systems Ltd will return six months later to initiate the larger service with certification. This routine will minimise their maintenance costs, and ensure constant monitoring on their systems, with the reassurance that their staff are working to the latest standards.